Clubs Intermediary

Transfer conditions, Players selection

Intermediary services are used not only by Players, but also by clubs. Scouting for clubs and subsequental cross-connections between them are the basic step leading to transfer negotiations and its successfull realization.

Training camps & Match Agent

Best pre-season conditions

Recent football defines special requests for quality preparation period with convenient conditions. Winter months are demanding for camps in warmer destinations, on the other hand summer months in europe are very climate friendly for many international clubs.

Players Intermediary

New club & Player's contract

Intermediary is the basic assumption to provide services for Players in the process of searching new club for them , representing their interests by labor contract negotiations or any dispute moments in contractual relations during their career.

Travel services

Holiday & Football trips

Our long term travel experiences gives us a great base for consultancy and intermediary of your dream holiday or unforgetable adventure by attending live at prestigious trips to European league, as well as international games.